General terms and conditions

1. General

All services provided to customers by the Gotthard Fanclub Online Shop take place solely on the basis of the following general conditions of business. Deviations from those conditions are only accepted if they have been agreed in writing between the Gotthard Fanclub Online Shop (Gotthard Music GmbH, Kappel SO) and the customer.

2. Contract Completion

The online Internet shop offers products to the customers, which they are not obliged to purchase. By ordering the goods on the Internet, the customer contracts to purchase them.  Confirmation of the contract will follow electronically to your email address.

3. Delivery

All articles will be delivered as soon as possible; delivery time inside Switzerland is normally up to 10 working days. Deliveries outside Switzerland can take up to 20 working days. Some articles will take longer to deliver. This will be shown in the shop when the product is chosen. If any article is temporarily not available, the customer will be informed about the probable delivery date, as long as we have a valid address for the customer.  The orders will be sent by regular post. No responsibility will be accepted by the Gotthard Fanclub Online Shop for delays caused by circumstances beyond our control, e.g. changes to governmental permission or the law, disturbances in production, strikes or problems with acquiring the materials – also if the supplier is affected. This includes legally binding delivery dates. Under these circumstances the agreed delivery date will without notice be extended until the problem is solved. Gotthard FanClub Online Shop has the right to deliver part of the order if necessary. This must be accepted by the customer.

4. Right of Return

All orders from the Gotthard Fanclub Online Shop are legally binding. Exchange or return of the goods delivered is basically not possible, with the exception of deliveries which are not the same as those ordered or which have been damaged in transit or goods with inherent flaws.  It is the responsibility of the buyer to check that the package has not been damaged in the post (if necessary in the presence of the deliverer). If a damaged package (torn open etc.) is accepted, this means to the Post that the parcel has been confirmed as being sound. Claims for damages on the grounds of wrongful description, texts, price or late delivery are then ruled out.  Wrongly delivered or damaged goods must be reported by email within three working days after delivery.  Beyond this time limit, it is assumed that the goods are accepted.  Gotthard Fanclub Online Shop reserves the right to change the price and model or the availability of the goods.

5. Packing and delivery costs

The delivery charges depend on the total weight of the package which will be calculated. Extra costs for Customs fees could arise and will be paid by the customer.  

6. Payment

There are several different methods of payment for articles ordered in the Online Shop: the type of payment which may be used will be displayed when ordering.  Gotthard Online Shop will only deliver when the goods ordered are paid in advance. After the customer has ordered, a bill will be sent by email, which can be paid by bank transfer, credit card or by clicking on the PayPal logo. The goods will be sent as soon as proof of payment has been received. All prices quoted include VAT. The goods remain the property of Gotthard Fanclub Online Shop until the full payment is paid. Unpaid orders will be cancelled after 30 days.

An additional administrative fee of 35 CHF / 30 EUR will be charged if payments are made in a different currency than stated on the order.

7. Complaints 

If any of our goods show defects or there are any other grounds for complaint, the customer must let us know per email within 3 days of delivery at the latest. Returned goods with no postage paid or with no explanation or comment will not be accepted. Should there be any damage during transport, the recipient must report this to the delivery service immediately.

8. Data Protection 

The information provided to the Gotthard Fanclub Online Shop by the customer will be used solely to process the relevant order. All personal details will be dealt with in strictest confidence and can be accessible to the customer at any time. However, there will be no liability accepted for data security (e.g. due to a technical error of the provider) or for possible illegal access of data by a third party.  Ordering the newsletter means that the customer gives permission that his/her personal data may be used for Gotthard Fanclub Online Shop marketing measures, e.g. sending emails with general information or advertising character. If this receipt of information is not desired, it can be cancelled on the Gotthard Fanclub Online Shop page at any time.

9. Copyright

All depicted external logos, pictures and graphics are the property of the relevant companies and are subject to the copyright of the relevant licenser. All contents such as text, pictures, graphics, sound, animation and videos and their arrangement on Gotthard Fanclub Online Shop are protected by copyright and other protection laws. All rights are reserved.

10. Miscellaneous

Prices are subject to change without notice and errors are accepted. Due to the printing process, it is possible that there could be minimal colour changes. Information on this website is copyright protected. Copies or extracts may only be made with written permission from the publisher.  Should one of the above-mentioned provisions become invalid, the validity of the other provisions is not affected.  The invalid provision will be replaced by a valid provision, which will represent best the meaning and economic purpose of the invalid provision.

11. Validity of the general terms and conditions 

Sending an order implies that the general terms and conditions of the Gotthard Fanclub Online Shop of the Gotthard Music GmbH in Hildisrieden are accepted.  Should any of the general terms and conditions become invalid, for whatever reason, the remaining contract provisions will not be affected. Oral agreements must be validated by a written confirmation. Place of performance and area of jurisdiction, as long as there are no legal changes, remains the City of Lucerne. These terms and conditions and all contracts closed according to these terms and conditions are subject to Swiss law.

12. Addresses for returning goods

Europe + rest of the world:

Official International
P.O. Box 128
6964 Davesco - Soragno


Official International
P.O. Box 128
6964 Davesco - Soragno

13. Cash-back

If you’re not a member of the Official Fanclub and you don’t want to become a member but you already paid, you can get your money back in some cases after subtraction of fees and administration costs.

1.      For all orders less than CHF 10.--/ € 10,00 : nothing will be refunded.

2.      For all other orders (online banking, payment slip, PayPal) there will be an administrative subtraction from CHF 10.-- / € 10,00

For a cash-back, please mail your name and order number to